Talk it up!

Talk to your child about the library and storytime before arriving. Be enthusiastic! Prepare her by explaining what will happen and verbalizing your expectations. For example, with a young child you might say, “Today we are going to the library to sing songs and hear stories! You can sit in my lap for the stories and then we will get up and dance while we sing.” For an older preschooler, ask her to remind you about good library manners. Ask questions that reinforce the behavior you desire to promote.

Ready, Set, Go!

Arrive a few minutes early so that you are relaxed and ready when the program begins.

You are your child’s first teacher.

Model good behavior. Actively listen to the stories, sing along to the songs, and participate in the activities. Focus on the program while in the storytime area and save socializing for after the program.

Help your child stay focused.

Actively guide your child during storytime. If he becomes distracted, gently help him refocus by redirecting his attention. Try touching him gently or pointing out something interesting in the illustrations. If he becomes disruptive, take a break away from the group.

Different strokes…

Some children will actively participate while others prefer to stand back and just watch. Both are perfectly normal! Gentle encouragement to join in is great, but respect your child’s learning style.