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Meeting Rooms

Self-service space reservations are available for all meeting spaces and learning labs. To select an available space click under your preferred branch located below.

Spaces include:


Learning Lab

Collins Hill

Meeting Room (Capacity of 74)


Meeting Room (Capacity of 120)
Study Rooms
Collaboration Room (Capacity of 10)
Learning Lab

Five Forks

Meeting Room (Capacity of 85)
Learning Lab

Hamilton Mill

Conference Room (Capacity of 8)
Learning Lab


Study Rooms (Capacity of 4)
Learning Lab


Meeting Room
Study Rooms (Capacity of 4)
Collaboration Room (Capacity of 10)
Learning Lab

Peachtree Corners

Study Rooms (Capacity of 8)
Learning Lab


Meeting Room (Capacity of 90)
Learning Lab

The Library offers the use of Meeting and Conference rooms by non-profit or not-for-profit organizations and government or public education agencies for activities of a civic, cultural, or educational nature that are consistent with the Library’s mission. Meeting rooms are not available for purely social purposes, or for the benefit of private individuals or commercial concerns. The Library reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of any meeting room.

Effective May 1, 2021, a $35.00 non-refundable maintenance fee is charged for each reservation of a Meeting and Conference room (no fees for study rooms). There is no fee for students to use the conference rooms, study rooms, and collaboration rooms. Reservations are for a two hour period. Multiple reservations can be made for activities needing more than two hours when the room is not in use:

  • A reservation is not confirmed until payment is made. A request may be entered into the calendar on a ‘pending status’. Customers then have seven days to make payment or lose their reservation.  Payments can be made online, in person at the library, or mailed to the location of the meeting room requested.

  • Reservations for less than seven days in advance must be paid before being entered into the calendar.

  • While the $35 maintenance charge is non-refundable, a group may cancel and reschedule one meeting without incurring an additional $35 charge if they give at least a one week notice to the library.

  • Library logos should NOT be used to market, promote, or advertise programs held in library meeting room spaces.

Please see the Meeting/Community Rooms Policy for information on eligibility and expectations for groups seeking to use library meeting space.

The Library’s meeting and community rooms may be reserved up to 90 days in advance. Regular meeting times are not guaranteed. For reservation information, please call 770-978-5154.