Request for Proposal

The Library, GCPL, is seeking a managed unified solution for a multi-site fiber optic WAN that includes the system design/engineering, and any construction that may be necessary to establish service, maintenance and monitoring of the connectivity. The requirements for this solution include network side and local (in-branch) services, hardware and engineering.

Request for Proposal – WAN – Deadline April 29th at 2pm

The Library, GCPL, is seeking a Direct Internet Access Circuit. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) of 2 Gbps guaranteed bi-directional bandwidth through adedicated port(s) delivered to 1001 Lawrenceville Highway location via fiber.

Request for Proposal – DIA – Deadline April 29th at 2pm

Submission requirements for RFP bids: A digital copy of the proposal can be emailed to, or two (2) physical copies of the proposal can be mailed or delivered to 1001 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

E-Rate Form 470 200021092 and 200021110 have been cancelled. 
E-Rate Form 470 200030346 (GCPL-2003 RFP) and 200030349 (GCPL-2004 RFP) are currently accepting bids