The Booklist Reader published a list of 14 Essential LGBTQIA Books for Youth in celebration of Pride Month in June. Here are five titles from the list to check out in the catalog today.

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, by Susan Kuklin

Kuklin’s book profiles six transgender teens in both their own words and the author’s excellent photographs. The result is a strikingly in-depth examination of the sometimes clinical complexities of being transgender.

Freakboy, by Kristen Elizabeth Clark

When Brendan Chase types “Want to be a girl” into his Mac’s search engine, one word pops up: transsexual. In Clark’s raw, honest debut novel, told in verse, three voices capture a few experiences of teens on the transgender spectrum.

The Great American Whatever, by Tim Federle

A novel about a bereaved teenager who sequesters himself inside his increasingly messy bedroom—until his best friend persuades him to go to a party where he meets the guy, and his life begins to turn around.

The Marvels, by Ben Selznick

Caldecott Medalist Selznick has been creating acclaimed illustrated novels for years now, and his latest takes his groundbreaking narrative format to new heights.

The Porcupine of Truthby Bill Konisgberg

A friendship between a straight boy and a lesbian is relatively rare in YA fiction and is, accordingly, exceedingly welcome.