Podcasts are one of many ways Gwinnett County Public Library brings value to its community, providing an inside look at the workings of the library, sparking discussions about the importance of reading, and bringing to light the many ways the library impacts and enriches its customers’ lives. 

The library has three podcasts: Flip the Library, Spill Lit, and Authors Annotated. Flip the Library and Authors Annotated are released monthly, while Spill Lit is released every two weeks.

You can listen below, or GCPL’s podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other podcast apps. Search “Gwinnett Library” to find both new and archived episodes and follow us to receive new episodes as they are released.

Listen in and learn!

Having started six years ago, the Flip the Library podcast focuses on how and why the library offers the programming and services that it does. Past episodes have delved into the library’s volunteer program, the summer reading challenge, the GCPL-hosted robotics team in FIRST LEGO League, and what makes each branch unique. The Learning Labs provide fodder for many episodes of the podcast, including showcasing winners of the Teen Film Challenge who have gone on to continue their film careers.

Fans of young adult (YA) literature should check out the library’s newest podcast, Spill Lit. Each episode, YA superfans Katharine and Patty try to convince non-fan Sarah of all the merits of YA books. Listeners will hear their takes on different titles, and what they liked and didn’t like about all aspects of each book; from the writing style, to the plot points, and the cover art. Titles from a wide variety of genres are discussed, as well as what elements of a book draw them in (talking animals, found family, romance) and what turns them off (aliens, detectives, serials.) Find out more about featured YA books in the library’s catalog and discover new titles that you would like to check out yourself!

Authors Annotated features conversations with authors who visit the library about their work, their creative processes, and their love of libraries. Also, check out the GCPL Virtual Author and Speaker Series for video interviews. Episodes cover a variety of subjects including fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thrillers, romance, cooking, sports, and more.