Contributed By: Students at Bethesda Elementary

Some members of Bethesda Elementary School’s Reader’s Rally Club recently got a visit from a librarian. The kids took a break from their serious study of this year’s book list to write a few reviews for us. Both titles are available through the public library, so be sure to put one on hold if these reviews pique your interest.

The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Review by Nathaly

In the book Ada (the main character) has never been outside her apartment. It’s because of her mother, who is embarrassed of her crippled (messed up) foot. But she dreams of going outside of her apartment and exploring London with her brother Jamie. Her cruel mother only lets Jamie go outside. But when World War II comes, Jamie is sent away from London to be saved, but not Ada. So she sneaks out of the apartment to join him…

Now Ada and Jamie have a new adventure. Susan Smith is their new caretaker. She takes good care of them but she is not nice. While Ada is there, she teaches herself how to ride a pony. Their mother doesn’t even send Ms. Smith a letter! But Ada doesn’t care. Will Ada and Jamie stay with Susan, or with their cruel mother? Read to find out.

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by John Scieszka

Review by Ishan

Do you love science? Would you love to create inventions that can change the world? Read Frank Einstein! This book will help you create more science inventions (and build robots). This book takes place in Midville, where a scientist named Frank Einstein and his Grandpa Al think of an invention to win the Midville Science Prize Grandpa can pay off his bills. They make two great robots. But will Frank win it, or will the prize fall into T. Edison’s hands?

This book, “Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor,” is all about a kid named Frank and how he comes up with an invention with Klink, Klank, and Watson, his pals. He comes up with concrete ideas so the prize won’t fall into Edison’s hands. My favorite part is when Frank and Watson raid Edison’s cube. Frank Einstein is a good science fiction series. You will love this book!