Submitted by Jon Freeman

Are you tired of using Facebook? Is Facebook taking up too much of your free time? Has the Cambridge Analytica controversy made you reconsider having an account? Perhaps you are tired of arguing with family and friends about sports and politics, or you don’t like feeling the need to update you status often, or maybe you are tired of feeling like you need to “like” stuff all of the time. For folks who wish to stop using Facebook for a while or who want to completely delete their account, there is a way to do that.

If you think you want to change your relationship status with Facebook read some of your options below:

1. You can simply stop using Facebook for a little while and keep your account the way it is right now.

2. You can deactivate your Facebook account.

Yes, Facebook currently lets you temporarily deactivate your Facebook account. Then you can remain inactive and reactivate your account at some point in the future. To find instructions on how to do this click on the link – Deactivate

According to Consumer Reports, “While you’re inactive, other users can’t see your time line, view your photos, or search for you on Facebook. However, friends may still be able to read messages you sent to them and view your name on their list of friends.”

3. You can delete your account

Before you actually delete your account you may want to download a copy of your personal data from your Facebook account. Your personal data includes things like photos, posts, and videos you have shared with others in addition to other information your account contains. This is stuff you may want to save before you actually delete your account. To download your personal data follow this link – Download Personal Data

Consumer Reports states that “Facebook will generate a copy of your personal archive and send it to you via an email with a link to a .zip file. Just be sure to save that file before you delete your account.”

To delete your account click on the link – Delete Account

To read what Facebook says the difference is between deactivating and deleting your account click the link here – Difference Deactivate and Delete

According to Consumer Reports, “there’s no way to scrub yourself completely from Facebook, even after you’ve permanently deleted your account: Messages you’ve sent to friends will still be visible in their inboxes, for example, and any posts you’ve made in groups will remain unless you delete them before opting to end your ties to Facebook.”

For some people Facebook has become a major part of their lives, and deciding what to do with your account can be a tough decision. Therefore, you may want to spend some time thinking about what you are going to do first – before you act. I hope you “like” your final decision.