Submitted by Alexandria Ducksworth

Prepared for your spring break vacation? Take note of these 10 handy spring break vacation tips to have the most enjoyable trip possible!

1. Keep Your Vacation Time Private: It’s tempting to show off your fantastic Mediterranean trip or Las Vegas shenanigans on social media, but keeping your location private can help keep your home and belongings safe while you’re away.

2. Beef Up Home Security: The last thing you want to return to after vacation is a burglarized home. Make sure you have armed your home security system. Also set up a timer for your house lights. From the outside, it’ll appear you’re still at home.

3. Check out vacation books: Need extra details on your trip to Disney World or Savannah? Visit GCPL’s catalog for books to check out for further research.

4. Pack road trip snacks: Nothing’s worst than a pack of hungry kids moaning for food during a six hour drive. Make sure you pack snacks before hitting the road to keep the little ones happy. Yourself included.

5. Check your flying destination: A woman headed for Paris from New Jersey ended up thousands of miles the opposite way in San Francisco. Double check your plane tickets and the boarding station to avoid a similar fiasco.

6. Take a Mango Language class: Need a quick lesson on Mandarin before heading out to Beijing? Check out Mango Languages where you have access to over 70 languages with your library card.

7. Research Foreign Country Safety: Visit for the travel status of your foreign destination.

8. Get Your Passport: Make sure you have a current passposrt or renew it before traveling outside the country. Check out Fassport Passport if you’re in a hurry for a new one.

9. Print extra copies of your travel documents: Wherever you go, domestic or international, you’d want to have extra copies of your passport, ID, etc. in case of emergency. Hand out a copy to a family member or close friend while you’re away, too.

10 . Don’t forget Overdrive: Forgot to pick up books to read by the beach? Download the Overdrive app on your smart phone or tablet to check out all the e-books and audiobooks you desire.

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!