Submitted by Jon Freeman

The new year is almost here and with that comes resolutions for many people. If one of your resolutions for the new year is to get out of debt then the local library may have a book for you. The 16th edition of “Solve Your Money Troubles” provides strategies for getting out of debt, and gives the reader ways to stay out of debt. In order to start conquering overwhelming debt it is beneficial to know your options and be aware of your circumstances. The book begins with sections on determining how much you owe and how much you earn, creating a budget and controlling spending, prioritizing your debts, and finding ways to pay your debts. “Solve Your Money Troubles” provides information on how to deal with collection calls, wage garnishments, car repossession, and debt collectors. There is even a chapter about choosing and managing credit cards. The book also gives advice on other major financial issues such as how to try and prevent a foreclosure, how to respond if you get sued over your debts, and even how to decide if it is time to file for bankruptcy. You can access more information about managing your finances using the Gwinnett Library’s Personal Finance Guide.