Submitted by Alexandria Ducksworth

Who uses a fax machine anymore? In rare cases, you might.

It can be difficult finding a faxing machine when you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, there are online faxing services available. GCPL recommends two located under “Fax and Scan Instructions” in the GCPL Guides: GotFreeFax and Fax Zero.

With GotFree Fax, you can fax twice per day with a three-page limit. Outbound faxing can be sent all over the US and Canada.

Meanwhile, you can fax five times for free with Fax Zero. Like GotFree Fax, there is a three-page faxing limit. Faxing is available through the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

There are more online faxing services you can try (services require an account sign-up).
-eFax Free
-Fax Better
-My Fax
-Pam Fax
-Hello Fax

Here are their pros and cons:

eFax Free
-10 free pages per month
-30-day free trial
-150 pages for both inbound and outbound faxing

-Your fax number is selected for you. It can’t be changed until you upgrade your account.
-No electronic signature on fax documents
-No outbound faxing until your account is upgraded

Fax Better
-Ad-free pages
-20 free faxing pages per month
-Free faxing number

-Doesn’t offer local faxing number
-No mobile app
-Only inbound faxing

-Send two faxes per day
-Receive 200 pages
-Send 100 pages

-Past negative customer experiences with login issues and power outages

Pam Fax
-Three free pages
-Available on platforms like Android, Apple, and Windows
-Can send faxes to multiple recipients

-No cloud backup
-No unlimited fax reception

Hello Fax
-Three free pages
-Send faxes around the US, the UK, and Canada
-Earn more free pages by tweeting and other requests

-Unavailable to fax through e-mail
-No inbound faxes

-10 free pages
-Fax storage
-Multiple fax recipients

-No inbound fax
-No dedicated fax number under free trial
-No extra customer support under free trial

Still need more faxing services? Check out FedEx Office, The UPS Office, and The Staples Business Center.

Feel free to contact GCPL for further questions.