1. Reading Outdoors is Therapeutic – Just a few minutes of being outdoors leads to measurable improvements in mood and self-esteem.














2. Reading While Walking Is Healthy – Pick up a book and take a walk around the block. Walking has been proven to increase cardiovascular health.

















3.  It will help you sleep  – How well you sleep has a lot to do with hormones like melatonin and your own natural circadian rhythm. Both of these are affected by your exposure to light—sunlight, most of all. If you’re spending too much time indoors, you’re isolated from the source of your body’s natural rhythms, and your sleep cycle is likely to suffer.















4.  It’s a unique twist on storytime and family bonding – Singing is one of the best literacy activities you can take outside. Use a sing-along book, such as Yankee Doodle, to spark the creation of a playground orchestra. Encourage children to use drum or rhythm sticks to make tones and rhythms on play equipment, rocks, trees, whatever. Turn your fence into an instrument by hanging foil pans, spoons, and rattles on it. Read and sing the book together with your outdoor instrumental accompaniment.














5.  Increases attention spans for your children – When you take reading time outdoors, your children will need to sharpen their attention and listening skills as they deal with the “distractions” of bird and traffic sounds while focusing their attention on the book. This is good practice for learning to read wherever you are!