Contributed By: Don Giacomini, Youth Services

Young children grow so fast. Early childhood is a time of exploration and growth, but for parents it can often be mysterious. Is my child progressing properly? Do they have enough words? Are we behind all the other kids? Children change and grow so fast that it can be nearly impossible to know if they’re meeting all the recommended developmental milestones.

Luckily, Gwinnett County Public Schools has a tool that takes a little bit of the mystery out of early childhood development. Check out the Parent Toolkit Growth Charts and click on the appropriate age range for your child. You’ll find a simple list of activities, movements, and cognitive abilities that are typical for your child’s age, making it easy to see how they stack up. This tool can be especially helpful in preparing your children to enter school.

So let this tool be your guide through early childhood. Simply knowing what should be happening will give you the confidence you need to be your child’s first and greatest teacher.