Submitted by Ashley Melonson

Coding has become a powerful movement within schools and communities in today’s culture. Whether someone is working on building websites or apps, coding can open up a fun, intellectual world. GCPL is offering an inventive three day program, Coding with the fam, so you can find out about coding’s vast capabilities. This opportunity will have many benefits for those looking to delve into something new or get out with the family.

Teaches a Specialized Skill

Learning to code will teach you a creative tool that can turn into much more. Getting your children interested in coding early could lead to them discovering a love for the craft and an interest in technology-related careers. You can help them uncover a desire to learn and create by getting involved in coding events.

Expands Minds

Not only are you utilizing a unique trade, but by doing so, you’re expanding your computer competency and informational intellect. Mastering the practical applications of coding can help you and your family stretch both your technical abilities and imagination with the things you choose to design.

Brings People Together

Spending time coding with your family can also bring you together. Experiencing an educational adventure can excite new aspirations and increase a common connection. Bonding with your family can become both engaging and informative with celebrations like Coding with the fam.

Join us at the Mountain Park Branch from April 17-19 at 4-5 pm.