Submitted by Alexandria Ducksworth

Noticed our tower gardens teeming with green life? Did you know some of the herbs grown can be used to treat diabetes and inflammation? This is no old wives’ tale!

Here are six herbal secrets you may not know:

*PLEASE NOTE: Talk to your doctor before using the herbs listed or any herbs in general for medicinal purposes.

Basil: Scientists have discovered basil’s compounds can fend off bad bacteria. This herb can relieve one from awful stomach cramps when consumed as tea.

Cilantro: Try a dose of cilantro for a good night’s sleep. It helps calms nerves, supports the digestive system, and regulates blood sugar.

Oregano: Oregano can be used to treat certain allergies, kill harmful stomach parasites, and colds.

Dill: Many parts of the world have used dill as an alternative to treat epilepsy. Add this herb to meals as it helps lower cholesterol.

Chives: Chives contain vitamin K which is helpful for strengthening bones. For pregnant women, the folic acid in chives helps produce healthy newborns.

Thyme: In case you’re feeling low, Vitamin B-6 in thyme can boost your mood. Plus, it helps your respiratory system.

Want to know more how you can enhance your health with herbs? Check out these books:

Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Foret
Herbal Goddess by Amy Jirsa
Herbs & Nutrients for Neurologic Disorders by Sidney Kurn
The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer by Jeff and Melanie Carpenter