Submitted by Angela Moore

Spring is here, and with it come the beautiful blooms that make the season such a delight for the senses. But if you share your home with pets, there are a few things you should know before you put that gorgeous bouquet out on your coffee table!

Curious pets may like to nibble on plants, which may seem harmless enough — but there’s more to fear than just the destruction of your centerpiece. Lilies in particular are highly lethal to cats: even very small amounts of ingestion (part of a leaf or petal) or contact with the pollen or water from the vase can cause acute kidney failure and death. Despite the danger, less than 30% of cat owners are aware of lily toxicity, and thousands of cats are sickened or killed each year as a result. And while lilies are among the most serious dangers for our furry friends, many other common blooms can cause a health issues for both cats and dogs, ranging from upset stomach to organ failure and death. So before you bring home that bouquet, check out the ASPCA’s list on plant toxicity to make sure you’re not putting your pets at risk.
For more information about lily toxicity in cats — and some suggestions for safe alternatives to brighten up your home — check out this link, and help spread the word. You just might save a life!