Kanopy is a streaming video service provided by Gwinnett County Public Library for quality, thoughtful entertainment. Find movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films and educational videos that inspire, enrich and entertain.

To access Kanopy follow these steps:

Have your library card and PIN ready
Visit https://gwinnettpl.kanopy.com/ and click the “add library card” button
On the next page, click “Log into Gwinnettpl”
In the new window, enter your library card number and PIN
Create a Kanopy account by filling in an email address and Kanopy password (or use the Single Sign-On feature)
Click “watch now” to browse films
You have 15 tickets each month. Here is how tickets work.

Parental Controls. Just like libraries that circulate feature films in their physical collections, Kanopy includes movies from around the world that may be appropriate for adult audiences. If you log in with your account, you can use the pull down menu where you see your name and choose Parental Controls. Then, any devices you are logged into can be set to only access Kanopy Kids. That limits access to any users of those devices to the content for kids until you enter a PIN on that device to re-activate access to the entire platform.