Submitted by Alexandria Ducksworth

The perfect fall day is reading a good book in your favorite reading nook, wearing a comfy sweater, and a pumpkin spice latte by your side. No clue what to read this season? Celebrate fall with an autumn reading challenge! Throughout the season, read:

1. A banned book

2. A biography of a celebrity born in the fall (September-November)

3. A book about family

4. A book associated with Halloween

5. A book associated with Thanksgiving

6. A book associated with the “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead)

7. A book associated with the military (in honor of Veterans’ Day)

8. A book featuring Hispanic people and culture (in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15-Oct 15)

9. A book featuring Italian people and culture (October is Italian Heritage Month)

10. A book featuring Native Americans

11. A book released in the fall

12. A book set during the colonial period

13. A book set in a farm

14. A book set in a Northeastern state (Examples: Vermont, Maine, and New York)

15. A book set in school

16. A book with “autumn” in the title

17. A book with “pie” in the title

18. A book with “pumpkin” in the title OR a pumpkin in the background

19. A book with a black cat on the cover

20. A book with a black cover

21. A book with a turkey on the cover

22. A book with a yellow cover

23. A book with an orange cover

24. A book with apples on the cover

25. A book with leaves in the cover

26. A cookbook and make the recipe for Thanksgiving

27. A horror novel

28. A kid’s book about fall

29. A mystery/thriller set in the fall

30. From an author who was born during the fall

Search through our library catalog to get started. Happy reading!