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Disaster Strikes! The Most Dangerous Space Missions of All Time

Submitted by Jon Freeman

There have been many great space missions throughout history – from Alan Shepard being the first American in space on the Freedom 7 spacecraft, to the Apollo 8 mission that flew around the moon, to Apollo 11 and the historical moon landing with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins. There have been many space missions throughout history that were successful. However, there have been many problems, mistakes, and disasters that happened on the journey to space flight and reaching the moon. Danger is an unavoidable part of space exploration.

In Disaster Strikes! bestselling author Jeffrey Kluger has written about twelve dangerous space missions that involved mishaps and at times major tragedies. It includes stories of missions run by both Americans and Russians during the height of the space race, complete with photos of the people and machines behind them, that led humankind to the moon and beyond. Readers will read the story about Gus Grissom almost drowning when his Liberty Bell 7 space capsule opened too soon after the splashdown in the ocean in 1961. Get detailed information on the space disasters you have heard of like the 1986 explosion of the Challenger space shuttle shortly after takeoff; and the 1970 Apollo 13 mission that was unable to land on the moon, but was able to get its crew back on earth alive.

You probably know about Neil Armstrong being the first human to set foot on the moon. But did you know that before that major historical event Neil Armstrong almost died in a disaster involving the Gemini 8 spacecraft in 1966. If it were not for the extremely quick thinking of mission commander Neil Armstrong, then he and the rest of Gemini 8’s crew would have all been killed in a disaster. This well researched book is worth a read for anyone curious to find out more about some of the most thrilling and dangerous space missions in history, and the mishaps and disasters that occurred in mankind’s quest to reach the moon and explore space.

The Rideshare Guide

Submitted by Jon Freeman

Do you want to drive for Uber or Lyft? Have you thought about becoming a rideshare driver to earn some extra money, but you want to learn more before starting? Well, the new book “The Rideshare Guide : Everything You Need to Know About Driving for Uber, Lyft, and other Ridesharing Companies” may be the book for you. It is an engaging handbook for current and prospective rideshare drivers. In this guide author Harry Campbell helps current and potential rideshare drivers by answering questions like:

What is it really like to be a rideshare driver?
How do I get started as a driver?
Uber and Lyft driver requirements?
How to maximize your profits?
How the ratings system actually works?
How you can become a five star driver?
How you should deal with difficult passengers and challenging situations?

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The Elements of Investing

Submitted by Jon Freeman

“The Elements of Investing” is a simple guide that provides the reader with different investment principles. This book has a main goal: to teach the principles of investing in the same manner that Professor William Strunk Jr. once taught composition to students at Harvard University, using his classic book, “The Elements of Style.” The Elements of Investing hacks away at some of the over thinking so predominant in the hyperactive thought patterns of many investors. The authors of this book, Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis, offer investors a set of simple but powerful thoughts on how to win the investing game by not losing.

Some topics touched upon in the book include:

Big Ways to Save
Small Saving Tips
Diversify Across Markets
Minimize Costs
Assett Allocation
Investing in Retirement
Dollar Cost Averaging
Save on Taxes Legally

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