Filming Guidelines

Film at Gwinnett County Public Library

Interested in filming at a library? The Gwinnett County Public Library offers a variety of locations for filming and photography, with 15 branches throughout the county.

If interested, fill out the form below at least three weeks in advance of your filming date. (If your request is immediate or within 3 weeks, please indicate in the form below and we will evaluate your request).

Filming is subject to fees, depending on the time and scope of the filming request.

We respect the rights and privacy of our library customers. Our staff will make every effort to work with agencies to determine the most appropriate and reasonable timeframes to minimize disruption to library services and programs.

The Gwinnett County Public Library reserves the right to decline a filming request.


1. A location manager will request permission from the Marketing Director to scout potential sites for the filming of a movie, video, or commercial.

2. No filming will be permitted during library hours.

3. The production company is responsible for providing proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1 million, with Gwinnett County Public Library as additionally insured.

4. The fee will be negotiated based on the length of time for filming and the areas being used.

5. The production company will reimburse any staff time required and security costs. The Gwinnett County Public Library requires the use of its contracted and vetted security personnel.

Library Filming Production Fees

The contract to film at the Gwinnett County Public Library covers all aspects of production, including pre-production, scouting, walk-throughs, tech scouts, and day-to-day oversight. Fees are charged from the arrival of the first production vehicle to the departure of the last production vehicle.

Film Days

Use of Parking Lot/Base Camp


Closing a branch

$3,500 a day

$500 a day

$35 an hour (four-hour minimum)


Payments for the event must accompany the signed contract. If not, the contract will not be approved. The Gwinnett County Public Library has the right to accept or reject any organization wanting to use its property. If you have any questions, please call the Director of Marketing at 770-822-5325.