Contributed By: Alexandria Ducksworth

Books like Deep Work are needed in our world full of shiny distractions and multi-tasking. According to the American Psychological Association, our brains aren’t wired for multitasking. Researchers have discovered it decreases our ability to get things done and decreases our IQ.

Deep Work praises the practice of focused work. It can lead to more accomplishments and enticing career opportunities.

Author Cal Newport provides many tips to get started on your very own “deep work”:
1. Cut out distractions
2. Set up time blocks reserved for your projects
3. Create a small list of your top goals and focus ONLY on them.
4. Take breaks from focus, not distractions
5. (Time Spent) x (Intense Focus) = high-quality work produced

Overall, Deep Work is a valuable guide for active producers willing to accomplish more in life.

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