Submitted by Alexandria Ducksworth

Who doesn’t like a good summer mystery?

GCPL has you covered with all the oceanfront stories with shady suspects and dark secrets. Here are nine seaside mysteries to read this summer:

1. Beach Bags and Burglaries by Dorothy Howell

One lucky woman’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare after stumbling upon a hotel maid’s corpse.

2. Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunter

Two good friends’ relationship turns sour after one turns up missing and the other is accused of murdering their husband.

3. Conviction by Denise Mina

A true crime podcast fan uncovers a real-life mystery surrounding a sunken yacht and a murder victim she knows too well.

4. Death by the Sea by Kathleen Bridge

Everything’s going well for a Florida innkeeper until one of her wealthy guests ends up dead in her suites.

5. Grandad, There’s a Head on the Beach by Colin Cotterill

A crime reporter juggles with her family life and her crumbling career. She finally gets her big break after finding a severed head in a Thailand beach.

6. I Found You by Lisa Jewell

A single mom helps a John Doe retrace his past while a London wife struggles to find her husband. The police claim he never existed.

7. The Mountains Bow Down by Sibella Giorello

A forensics geologist investigates a movie producer’s suicide during an Alaskan cruise.

8. North of Boston by Elizabeth Elo

A freighter knocks a woman and her fisherman buddy into the icy Atlantic Ocean. The woman survives, her friend not so much. Now she ponders if the incident was indeed an accident or attempted murder.

9. Storm Rising by Sara Driscoll

An FBI agent and her trusty Labrador unleash a string of dark events after saving a teenager hiding in Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp.

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