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Early Literacy Apps

List of apps in the branch iPads

ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game

abc-alphabet-phonicsThis is an exciting educational game that helps your child rapidly learn the ABC by sight, sound, and  touch.  The interface is so easy to use that even a 9  month old baby will delight in using this app. (Ages 0 to 6).

ABC Food

abc-food Expose your child to the exciting world of Food! ABC Series teaches children new words through sight, sound & touch. Let them chop celery, cook pasta,  slice strawberries & more through beautiful pictures, lively videos, and interactive scenes. (Ages 2-5)

ABC PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words

abc-pocketphonicsPocketPhonics teaches kids letter sounds, first words and handwriting. PocketPhonics shows children how to write letters using an arrow they can follow  with their finger or stylus. PocketPhonics supports two different writing styles, and for each style, kids can write in lowercase, uppercase and cursive. (Ages  5 & under)

ABC Sight Words Writing

abc-sight-words-writingLEARN 300+ DOLCH SIGHT WORDS THE FUN AND EASY WAY. “High Frequency” Words will help your child learn to read better, and in most schools, it   is a requirement for the kids to know these without sounding them out. (Ages 5 & above)

Addition & Subtraction For Kids

addition-subtraction-for-kidsLearn addition and subtraction underwater with fishes. Small kids can easily practice their math skills – addition and subtraction – with this educational game. How kids can benefit? Learn the basics of addition and subtraction. Perfect their counting skills by keeping their fingers on the fishes that appear on  screen.(Ages 3-6)

Barnyard Dance

barnyard-danceIn Barnyard Dance! Irrepressible farm animals join in a rollicking square dance. With this wonderful app, little listeners can move the violin bow to play the  cow’s fiddle. Now—with a touch or a tap or a pull—you can help the farm animals bounce, twirl, strut, spin, hop, leap, turn and, of course, promenade.  (Ages  5 & under)

Blue Hat, Green Hat

blue-hat-green-hatThis wonderfully clever digital book app will surprise kids and grownups alike. Far beyond any e-book experience, the Blue Hat, Green Hat interactive book   app has all the magic and appeal of a traditional pop-up book, offering lively interactivity and nifty discovery. (Ages  5 & under)

Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic HD

bob-books-1Start your child reading with this phonics-based interactive game. Even very young children love the simple drag-and-drop interface. Your favorite Bob  Books characters and full-color animations encourage kids along the path of learning to read. (Ages  5 & under)

Build and Play 3D – Planes, Trains, Robots and More

build-and-play-3dYou will be amazed by the toys your little builders can put together in 3D! Balloons, UFOs and planes, cars, bikes and trains, ships, subs or Jet Ski! Once      built they will take you in the air, on the ground or into the sea. If aeronautical engineering sounds a bit advanced even for your bright young tot, have no  fear. (Ages  5 & under)

The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss

the-cat-in-the-hatJoin the Cat in the Hat in this interactive book app sample as he stirs up some mischief while Dick and Sally’s mother is out and about! Explore pictures,  learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. (Ages  5 & under)

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App!

dont-let-the-pigeon-run-this-appThis App!” lets you create your own Pigeon stories with your pal, Mo Willems. Just follow as the Bus Driver asks you for your ideas—then shake the Pigeon. Your story is ready! Sit back and enjoy the show. (Ages  5 & under)

Eddy’s Number Party! HD

eddys-number-partyWelcome to the party! Your child can help Eddy’s friends surprise him with the biggest dog birthday party EVER by counting balloons, matching numbers,  tracking party hats, and earning stickers while improving memory and attention. (Ages  5 & under)


eliasmatchTeaches young kids first words, ABC’s and 123s. Test memory, improve thinking and help your child learn their numbers and alphabets with eliasMATCH! This app comes in four skill levels and four card decks to challenge kids of all ages. Bright and cute illustrations that includes eliasZOO animals to charm and engage in learning. (Ages  5 & under)

Elmer and Rose

elmer-and-roseJoin Elmer and his cousin Wilbur in this interactive book app. Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. What valuable lesson will Elmer and Wilbur learn about being different when they find out Rose is the color pink? (Ages 3-8)

Endless Alphabet

endless-alphabetKids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle game with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. (Ages  5 & under)

Nighty Night! HD – The bedtime story app for children

nighty-night-hd“Nighty Night!” is the perfect App for a daily go-to-sleep ritual with cute animals, sweet lullaby music and great narration.(Ages 1-4)

Olivia Acts Out

olivia-acts-outWith over 30 interactive animations, engaging effects and delightful 3D animation, this new series of eBook can be enjoyed by preschoolers, early readers and the young of every age.(Ages  5 & under)

Pat the Bunny

pat-the-bunnyDesigned especially for toddlers and preschoolers, the app features 14 fully interactive scenes your kids can tap, swipe, and explore. Your kids will giggle with delight as they play hide and seek with Bunny, pop bubbles in the bathtub, make music in the kitchen, catch butterflies in the garden, and much more.
(Ages  5 & under)

Peek-a-Zoo Train: Toddler Peekaboo on the Rails

peek-a-zoo-trainPeekaboo – I see you! It’s time to meet adorable new animal friends as the Peek-a-Zoo takes to the rails. With a simple tap of the screen, your child can play peekaboo with a dancing gorilla, busy beavers, hungry pandas and more. Peek-a-Zoo combines a child’s favorite game with familiar animals they will love. (Ages  5 & under)

Peek-a-Zoo HD – by Duck Duck Moose

peek-a-zoo-hdAn interactive experience that asks children to identify different animals who dance, eat, wag their tails, wear sunglasses, sleep and more. Children will learn about animals, emotions, actions and sounds while listening to exclusive jazz versions of popular children’s songs played on the guitar, drums and cello. (Ages 2-5)

PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

popout-the-tale-of-peter-rabbitSit back, relax, and enjoy. A beautiful classical piano soundtrack accompanies a charming vocal performance mixed with the soothing sounds of birds, bonfires, and wind rustling through the fields. Explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips. (Ages 6-8)

Spot the Dot

spot-the-dotThis eye-popping, interactive app invites toddlers and preschoolers to learn colors as they “spot the dot” in fun, engaging and highly varied interactive play spaces. Tap the screen and simple shapes move to create patterns in bright, clean hues that will captivate as well as educate children. (Ages  5 & above)

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends – Play & Explore

the-very-hungry-caterpillar-friends-play-exploreJoin The Very Hungry Caterpillar™, Mister Seahorse, The Very Quiet Cricket and other characters from Eric Carle’s best-selling books Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, The Mixed-Up Chameleon and 10 Little Rubber Ducks. Practice counting, sorting, and memory skills. Learn about healthy eating, and discover amazing facts about caterpillars, seahorses, chameleons and other animals. (Ages  5 & under)

The Three Little Pigs

the-three-little-pigsThis fully-animated, interactive version of The Three Little Pigs fairy tale is unlike any printed picture book, or even any storybook app, and will dazzle children. (Ages 3 and up)

Toc and Roll

toc-and-rollThis app has been designed to help children start composing songs and cultivate their creativity in a funny and easy way. Like a portable studio, TOC AND ROLL gives children the chance to mix different instruments on a virtual multitrack. They can add effects, record their voices, and then share the results with the world. (Ages 6-8)

Toca Band

toca-bandPlay with sounds and create your own band! Toca Band is a fun and easy toy that encourages children to explore music in a new creative way! Choose from 16 different cool characters – each with their own unique quirky sound and musical rhythms. (Ages 2-5)

Toca Builders

toca-buildersJoin your new builder friends on an island far away and create a whole new world with blocks. Jump, walk, roll and rotate the builders to use their unique skills, and they will help to build whatever you can imagine! Toca Builders makes it fun to drop, spray, smash and lift blocks to construct new objects – may it be a house, lamp or maybe a banana? Let’s get started by putting down some blocks. (Ages 6-8)

Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose

felt-board-mother-goose-on-the-looseFelt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose is a nursery rhyme flannel board app designed for young children to use together with parents and caregivers. Children can move felt pieces, sing, and tap along with popular nursery rhymes and songs. (Ages 5 & above)

Fish School

fish-schoolA playful underwater experience with 8 educational activities, this award-winning app teaches letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more. Watch colorful fish create letters; Recognize numbers and learn to count from 1 to 20; Follow the fish as they form shapes; Touch, tap and drag to make fish and other colorful sea life do funny things; Listen to classical variations of the ABC Song. (Ages  5 & under)

Goosed Up Rhymes

goosed-up-rhymesGoosed Up Rhymes is an interactive children’s reader app that brings you fully animated, beautifully illustrated, hilariously told stories and games. (Ages 5 & above)

Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

grimms-sleeping-beautyYoung readers will love escaping to a magical fantasy world of princesses and fairies in this classic tale, featuring games and puzzles that draw them ever deeper into the story. In the amazing 3D pop-up scenes they can dress-up fairies, enjoy a princess’s birthday party, navigate a 3D maze and solve a magical musical puzzle, and much more. (Ages  5 & under)

Hugless Douglas – An Interactive Book by David Melling, read by Alan Davies

hugless-douglasPlay, share, read and listen. Choose to read the story yourself or hear it read aloud by Alan Davies. Children will love exploring each page and discovering the touch activated animation on every screen. This app comes with a noughts and crosses game and a fantastic hug gallery. (Ages  5 & above)

Intro to Letters, by Montessorium

intro-to-letters-by-montessoriumThis is the app for you, if you’re looking for an app to teach kids how to draw their ABCs, Intro to Letters is a solid option. Intro to Letters will help your child learn to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori. (Ages  5 & under)

Little Pim Spanish

little-pim-spanishIntroduce your children to Spanish with our favorite panda pal, Little Pim! “Little Pim Spanish” helps young children develop basic vocabulary about eating and drinking, playing and sharing, and sleeping and waking. The app introduces your child to a total of 60 Spanish words and phrases. (Ages  5 & under)

Make it Pop

make-it-popWe all love to make things pop! Learn shapes, letters, colors, and numbers while popping bubbles, balloons, fireworks and popcorn! Well suited to young children, each of the games focuses on one educational concept. Beautiful illustrations and playful interaction will make this an instant hit for your child! (Ages  5 & under)

Monkey Preschool LunchBox

monkey-preschool-lunchboxLearn and have fun by helping monkeys pack lunch! Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a collection of six exciting educational games for your preschooler (Ages 2 to 5).

The Monster at the End of This Book… Starring Grover!

the-monster-at-the-end-of-this-book-starring-groverThe Monster at the End of This Book is a truly enchanting reading experience for kids—and monsters—of all ages. Engaging activities that empower readers to decide how and when to move the story forward—plus encourage kids’ spatial development and listening skills.

(Ages  5 & under)

Montessori Counting Board

montessori-counting-boardThe Montessori Counting Board is the most exciting educational game that helps your child to rapidly learn how to count by sight, sound, and touch. The interface is so easy to use that even a 6 month old baby will delight in using this app. (Ages 0 to 6)

Moo, Baa, La La La! – Sandra Boynton

moo-baa-la-la-laMoo, Baa, La La La! interactive book app has all the magic and appeal of a traditional pop-up book, offering lively interactivity and nifty discovery. The wryly inventive Moo, Baa, La La La! digital book app will intrigue and amuse little kids and big people alike, and perhaps even elicit an appreciative snort from the occasional uninvited rhinoceros. (Ages  5 & under)

Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter

morton-subotnicks-pitch-painterPitch Painter is a musical finger painting app that is simple yet surprisingly sophisticated. While engaged in creative musical play, the child will be introduced to a variety of musical instrumental sounds and authentic scale tunings from four regions of the world. (Ages 3-5)

Musical Me! HD – by Duck Duck Moose

musical-me-hd-by-duck-duck-mooseListen to notes, copy patterns and learn to recognize pitches; Learn about rhythm, short and long notes; Play with a drum, cymbals, triangle, maracas or egg shaker; Learn to read music and create songs by moving notes on a staff; Listen to children’s songs featuring the violin and cello. (Ages 3-7)

My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day

my-little-ponyJoin Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dragon, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and other Ponyville friends in a magical journey to learn about the history of Equestria, the Kingdom of Princess Celestia. This app helps kids learn to read and features in-story activities that reinforce national educational standards! (Ages 6-8)