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New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator – funded by Google in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA)

The New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator (NSEI) is a six-month program designed to help community members who have served time in jail or prison to create their own businesses. With this initiative, the Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL) hopes to provide formerly incarcerated individuals with the tactics and tools to develop a small business and overcome barriers to professional success. Participants will receive assistance with developing business ideas, learn what is needed to run a successful business, and receive one on one support from successful entrepreneurs and business experts.

The NSEI program seeks to level the playing field by offering a complete business education tailored to the needs of formerly incarcerated people.

The participants of this program will:

      • Participate in a complete business course that equips formerly incarcerated individuals to start their own businesses, and become their own boss.
      • Attend monthly presentations led by local business experts.
      • Have access to an online curriculum covering the following topics: mindset, business plan creation, financial basics, marketing & branding, funding, and business licensing & laws.
      • Have one-on-one mentor support from a successful entrepreneur.
      • Be provided with a laptop and hotspot kit while they are enrolled in the program.
      • Learn strategies to overcome barriers to professional success.
      • Create a business plan for their businesses.

The first cohort of NSEI students is in progress and will finish the course in June. Applications are currently being accepted for the second cohort, which begins in July.

To enroll in the FREE New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator program, please follow these instructions:

      • Fill the online form to be considered for the program:
      • Meet the following criteria: To have served time in jail or prison, to have the ability to attend the in person classes for six months once a month, and have the desire to create your own business
      • If you meet the criteria, you will be contacted for an interview.
        Important! The NSEI committee will select up to 15 candidates per cohort to participate in the program.
      • Attend the required orientation, after the candidates have been selected.

Applicants should submit their application by May 30.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Contact Center at 770.978.5154.


Kevin Moore is a highly motivated and industrious participant in our New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator program. He has exciting ideas about how to create a career out of ingenuity and innovation. Kevin would like to manufacture work instead of searching for a job, develop into an employer in lieu of an employee, and essentially manifest his destiny. His vision for his business is realistic, small but ambitious and doable.

Living most of his life in Alabama, where he did a few stints in prison for youthful mistakes, he has resided in Atlanta for the past five years. Kevin’s re-entry into society after his prison time has been challenging. He found himself a sufferer of housing and job-discrimination, his status of ex-offender accompanying a pernicious prejudice that transformed a second chance into, factually but not in name, a second sentence.

Kevin is working on his business plan to start a small moving company. His inventiveness and inspiration are fierce, and he easily pulls his work ethics from his hardscrabble life back in Selma, Alabama; a humble world where his parents talked to him about their youth and the piercing struggles for Civil Rights and sobering realities. Kevin embraces his parents’ legacy of determination and persistence, as he plows forward to success with a dually truck, a vibrant logo, his tenacious willingness to work hard, and to secure his place as an entrepreneur with a true second chance.