This spring, we encourage you to go out and visit a Gwinnett County Public Library Branch!

Gwinnett has 15 branches all around the county. Each is unique and all are amazing! During the month of April, we challenge you to visit as many of our branches as you can. We will give you clues to find a special spot at each branch. Take a photo of yourself at the mystery location and submit it to us. Find and photograph seven locations by April 30th and you will win a prize!

To play click here!

Here are your clues:

Buford-Sugar Hill Branch:
Go to the spot for story hour,
but don’t throw stones against this tower.
You will get to check the box
when you take a photo of glass blocks.

Centerville Branch:
Drive in the lot and don’t pass by.
Look for something very high.
Your photograph will do the trick
if it has a tower made of brick.

Collins Hill Branch:
Come inside to read a book.
Take a photo of the place we cook.
It may be harder than you think
to find the cart with the stove and sink.

Dacula Branch:
Go inside and outside and then you’ll know
You’re at the place where things will grow.
Take some time to smell the roses
Before you do your photo poses.

Duluth Branch:
In this branch you’ll have to strive
to find the busy, buzzing hive.
Take a photo, if you please,
with all of our library bees.

Five Forks Branch:
From inside, outside feels very near.
You’ll see through walls that are clear.
Find stairs toward the back parking lot
And take a photo of the big windows that we’ve got.

Grayson Branch:
You’ll have to go inside to look
for a dress made from a book.
Take a photo, one and all,
Of the kimono on the wall.

Hamilton Mill Branch:
This area is just the spot
To find something that’s very hot.
Take a photo of this space
Where a fire might be in place.

Lawrenceville Branch:
With this photo you’ll do just fine.
Just step outside and snap the sign
That says this branch holds something more:
The administration, behind closed doors.

Lilburn Branch:
A little music anyone?
This purple instrument looks like fun.
Take a photo, if you please,
Next to all the pretty keys.

Mountain Park Branch:
If it is a sunny day
This shady spot’s a place to stay.
From this place we want to see
A photograph of arches three.

Norcross Branch:
You may have to think a bit.
Is it wall decor, or a place to sit?
Take a photo when you’ve found
The circles kids use to sit down.

Peachtree Corners Branch:
This hungry hippo is not a game,
But he is happy that you came.
For your photo, he will grin
When you shove your books right in.

Snellville Branch:
Step just inside of the door
To find what you are looking for.
Take a pic, before you part
Of the pretty, tiny art.

Suwanee Branch:
To the kids space you must fly
And find things that are in the sky.
Clouds and planes, balloons and sun
Take a photo and then you’re done!