Want to make a movie? Well, here’s your chance to start! All you have to do is create a film between 2-10 minutes in length in the genre of your choice*.

Enter to win up to $50 in prizes and live it up red carpet style at the annual Dewey Awards Ceremony. At the ceremony, your short film will be shown** and awards will be given for a variety of categories including Best Picture.

Once you’ve created your video, bring the printable entry form and your video on USB or CD to a GCPL branch. Please put the entry form in an envelope labeled “Film Challenge” when submitting your movie.

Not sure how to make a movie? Keep an eye out for our series of workshops to help you plan, shoot, and edit your short film. You can also reserve time in the TechStudio @ Five Forks to create footage, edit your film, or receive individualized instruction on movie magic and editing.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at ffrtechstudio@gwinnettpl.org.

Entries will be accepted until January 23rd, 2017. The Dewey Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, February 25, 2017. A teen representative for each film must be at the Dewey Awards in order to win.

*Films must be appropriate for the target age range (13-18) and will be screened for content prior to showing. Click here for the complete rules & guidelines:

**If more entries are entered than time allows to be shown, the directors of the films to be shown will be notified before the event.

  • 2016 Award Winners

    Best Costumes & Set Design

    • Music to My Ears
    • The Brunch Club
    • Cornbread: The Movie

    Best Animation

    • Galactic Titan
    • When Toys Come to Life
    • Wild

    Best Screenplay

    • Deal.
    • Test 37
    • Realization

    Best Videography & Audio

    • GoPro Adventures
    • Realization
    • Test 37

    Best Performance

    • From Realization, Elaine Whitbeck, who played Danielle
    • From Deal, James Zelano, who played Paul Parker
    • Also from Deal, Dominic Zelano, who played Todd Michaels
    • From Test37, Andrew Fricks
    • From GoPro Adventures, Creston Mapes

    Judges’ Choice Award

    • Test 37
    • Realization
    • Galactic Titan

    Winning films are italicized.

Contest Rules and Guidelines.

The Dewey Awards Ceremony!

Check out all the entries on OverDrive

You can find all of the Dewey Award films by going to the OverDrive page and clicking on “short films” under streaming video on the top of the page.Videos can be found in our catalog here. Also, check out the 2016 entries on YouTube below!