Contributed By: Sarah Martin, Youth Services

It is sad to think that not everyone has a safe place to call home. Elementary-aged children begin to see themselves as part of a community. They may have questions about why some people have less than others. You can start the discussion and build empathy by reading some of these children’s books about homelessness.

I am a Bear by Jean-Francois Dumont

A bear wakes up finding himself alone in a big, unfriendly city. But the friendship of one little girl helps make things better.



Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting

Told from a child’s perspective, a homeless boy and his dad live in the airport and try to avoid being noticed.


The Can Man by Laura E. Williams

Tim’s family doesn’t have enough money for him to buy the skateboard he wants, so he starts collecting cans to save up. Along the way, he meets someone else who needs money more than he does.


Shoebox Sam by Mary Brigid Barrett

Delia and Jesse learn about charity from the friendly shoe repairman who helps the less fortunate in his neighborhood.