Dick Goodman

Dick moved to Suwanee from Miami in 2006 and almost immediately immersed himself in community initiatives. He participated in the 2030 comprehensive planning process and served as a citizen-member of the Suwanee Water System focus group and the Downtown Master Plan steering committee. He later served as the first chair of the Suwanee Public Arts Commission, spearheading the arts initiative that has since established Suwanee as a model for public art in Georgia. This was all before he was elected to City Council in 2009.

Goodman has also been active more broadly in Gwinnett County, having been appointed in 2011 to the Gwinnett County Public Library Board of Trustees by County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash, and serving as the Library Board chairman since 2013. Earlier he had been elected to represent the greater Suwanee community in Engage Gwinnett, the 50-member task force established by the Gwinnett County Commission to develop funding strategies for the County during 2008.

Goodman is a retired freelance marketing/communications writer and journalist, as well as a serious amateur photographer. His writing clients have included major agricultural, financial, pharmaceutical, and technology companies and economic development agencies in the U.S. and Asia. He was also a contributing columnist for the Miami Herald and a regular columnist for Miami Today. A graduate of Clarkson College in Potsdam, New York, Goodman and his wife, Louise, have six children between them and 12 grandchildren, three of whom live in Suwanee.