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Join Gwinnett County Public Library and Historian and Author Jim Jordan

 A journal missing for more than 125 years documenting an illegal landing of 400 plus African slaves on American soil – the first successful one in almost forty years – has been found and is the basis for a new book.

Historian Jim Jordan was researching the slaving voyage of the luxury yacht Wanderer when he discovered a long-lost cache of letters written by its part owner, Charles Lamar.  He uses these letters to tell the story of the criminal life of a troubled, and troubling figure, in The Slave-Trader’s Letter-Book: Charles Lamar, the Wanderer, and Other Tales of the African Slave Trade.

The transatlantic African slave trade operated for about 350 years, 290 of them legally. During the illegal years the trade continued to thrive, primarily to Cuba and Brazil, despite the patrolling of the African coast by the British navy. Landings of slave ships on American shores were practically unheard of. Then Charles Lamar and his partners came up with a unique idea to fool the authorities—use a yacht as a slave ship. They bought the Wanderer, outfitted the vessel, and sent it to the Congo River, where Captain William C. Corrie wined and dined the officers of a British cruiser. Two months later the Wanderer landed its Africans on Jekyll Island, Georgia, causing an uproar throughout the nation. Lamar and his partners challenged the slave-trade laws as the country headed towards Civil War.

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