Contributed By: Sara Whitaker

The Storytelling Club held on March 27 at the Dacula Branch offered a fascinating insight into the speakers’ lives on the theme “What’s Your Story?”

Storytellers’’ backgrounds included coming from New Jersey, Columbus, GA, Pennsylavania, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

An excerpt from one story included the following:

“When I was in First Grade I Thought I Had Died and Gone to Heaven” By Dianne Waldrip

We grew up on my Granddaddy’s farm just outside Lawrenceville where Sugarloaf parkway now runs. My mother hated living on a farm – it was hard work and the house was old and very basic. There was no indoor bathroom so we had to use the outhouse, and we had a coal heater, so when it was cold we had to keep coal in it to keep it going. I was born in 1948, and when I was in First Grade, my daddy got a promotion to Cumming with the Coop Feed and Seed Company, so we left the farm and moved into a new house. Oh it was beautiful. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. We didn’t have to light the fire any more and we had indoor plumbing! We had a neighbour who lived next door who used to have story time and would tell wonderful stories. But my daddy discovered that you had to pay rent in the new house and so after a year we moved back to a farm.

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