Submitted By: Jon Freeman

Soon, a new calendar year will be upon us. Yes, 2017 is almost here. Many folks will have resolutions for the New Year such as exercise more, lose weight, eat less junk food, or perhaps finally see a doctor they haven’t seen in a few years for a regular checkup. I have noticed over the years that many resolutions for the New Year have something to do with health. While it is great to have being healthier as a goal for 2017, I think another great goal for next year you may want to consider is being financially healthy. That is right – financially healthy. Try to do things that could improve your financial health. Here are 4 example you can use:

1. Create a budget and try to stick to it. 

2. Don’t live beyond your means.

3. Pay off your credit card debt.

4. Start saving money for retirement.

You can use one of these as a goal next year! You could even use all of them, or perhaps you can think of one I didn’t list here that. It is up to you. What could be considered a nice goal for one person could be unrealistic for another individual. I encourage you to find some type of resolution for improving your financial health in 2017 – and try to stick with it. The Gwinnett Library has a new GCPL Guide customers can use as a resource on personal finance. It may have some information that would be helpful in becoming financially healthy next year. It can be found on the Gwinnett Library website by going to our digital resources page, clicking on GCPL Guides, and then clicking on Personal Finance. You can also get to it by clicking the following link: Personal Finance Guide.

I wish you good financial health next year.