Are you interested in building a cosplay, but not sure where to start?
Join us at the Peachtree Corners Branch Learning Lab on Saturday, February 26, and Sunday, February 27 to learn more!
This weekend series will be hosted by an award-winning cosplayer and a team of technical experts. The series will be broken down into three sessions per day, with each session being one hour. Each of these six sessions will focus on one of six specific topics, selected to help you get the most out of your creative goals using the Learning Labs. Below you will find more information on the six topics and what each session will consist of.

Saturday, February 26

1 p.m. – Session 1: Cosplay Basics

Learn about the different skills, materials, and time required to make cosplay.
Learn how to plan and budget for a cosplay.

2 p.m. – Session 2: Sewing Basics

Learn how to choose between buying commercial patterns or drafting your own patterns.
Learn about the different kinds of equipment you might need to sew some or all of your cosplay, including a sewing machine, serger, and hand sewing tools.

3 p.m. – Session 3: Armor and Props: 3D Printing

Learn what pieces of cosplay you might want to 3D print.
Watch a 3D printer in action, then see the entire pre and post-production process. Pre-production includes buying or designing your file, and the process afterward includes sanding and painting your prints to get a finished product.

Sunday, February 27

1 p.m. – Session 4: Armor and Props: Foam, Hardware, and Electronics

Learn about materials like EVA foam, foam clay, and thermoplastics.
Participants will also look at the tools offered by the Learning Labs, like the dremels, Glowforge, and Cricut that can help you make finished armor and props.

2 p.m. – Session 5: Presentation: Makeup, Wigs, and Photos

Learn about what tools and skills are required to do special effects makeup and prosthetics, as well as wig styling.
Also see how you can present your finished cosplay to the world by taking photos with the Learning Lab’s camera equipment, green screen, lighting, and photo editing software.

3 p.m. – Session 6: Where to Wear: Costuming Organizations, Conventions, and Contests

Learn about volunteering with local costuming organizations like the 501st Legion and Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta.
Learn about what local conventions you can attend to show off your cosplay skills.
Learn how you could win up to $5,000 at local convention contests!

About the Instructor

The instructor, Sarah Brubaker, is an avid cosplayer with lots of tips and tricks that she’s ready to share. Sarah has also recently won $5,000 for Best in Show at the Atlanta Comic Convention 2021, and would like to share her knowledge with you!

In the meantime, check out The Cosplayer’s Checklist by Sarah Brubaker and get ready for a cosplay-filled weekend!