Contributed By: Alexandria Ducksworth

“The Zen of Social Media Marketing” is a handy book for anyone looking forward to turning their barren social media platform into an active hotspot filled with endless content and happy followers! If anybody knows anything about social media marketing, it’s Shama Hyder. She is the CEO of the Marketing Zen Group. This organization is dedicated to helping businesses’ visibility in the wide world of social media.

Hyder’s social media tips include status updates, post schedules, and simply keeping your platform active. Probably the biggest problem most people have with their social media sites is keeping them alive. The key to a healthy website (whether it be a Facebook fan page, LinkedIn, or Twitter) is staying consistent with weekly content and being social with the site’s subscribers. Keep that up and the site will grow into new heights!

Hyder made “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” into an amazing tool. This is a definite “must-read” for anyone learning how to increase their social media website skills! Personally, I discovered some tips of my own that I certainly didn’t know before. Social media can feel like driving on a bumpy road but Shama Hyder’s book will lead you to the smoother path.