Read more about Accessibility services on our GCPL Guide.

Assistive Technology Center

You can find the following equipment for in-branch use at the Lawrenceville branch:

*Assistive Tool Kits, high contrast keyboards, and roller ball mice are available at each branch upon request.

Language Line Interpretation Service

Language interpretation is available for interactions between customers who are not proficient in English and library staff. Language Line allows GCPL to provide a positive library experience regardless of a customer’s native language. Interpreters provide assistance to:

  • Create new Library Cards
  • Determine information needs
  • Explain library services and policies

Special Needs Services

GCPL will assist customers with special needs given proper notice (10 working days). Any requests for reasonable accommodations required by individuals to fully participate in any GCPL program or activity should call AskGCPL at (770) 978-5154.

Mailbox Books

Access to library materials for the homebound is available to GCPL card holders who are unable to visit branch libraries due to chronic illness, a physical disability or condition. Those who experience a temporary condition which renders them homebound are also eligible for this service.

GCPL has reached capacity for Mailbox Book customers. Applications are not being accepted at this time.