Can’t Find It

Alternative Title Assistance

I’m looking for a book GCPL does not own, but I could use a book with similar information instead.

  • Personalized selection service to find you relevant materials
  • Free! No cost to you
  • Faster turn-around than Interlibrary Loan

Suggestions for the Collection

I’d like to request that the library purchase a specific title.

Please let us know about materials you’d like to see in GCPL’s collection. While we cannot respond to each individual suggestion, we carefully consider customer input, and compile suggestions as part of our overall community-based collection building. Please note that most new titles are ordered within the month of publication. For follow up assistance regarding your requests or suggestions, or for additional information, please contact us. Read more about our General approaches to building the GCPL collection here.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request

I’d like to borrow an older book, but GCPL does not own a copy.

New Process: View the status of your ILL requests through your library card account.  To place a request using the new method, please follow these steps:

  • While in the catalog, search for a title or phrase, then click SelectDatabase
  • Select “InterLibrary Loan” and click Set Database
  • Search for your item again and Place Request or click Add Pending Results to see more

For questions related to an active/in-process ILL request please contact ILL staff at 770-822-5364. If you still have questions please contact AskGCPL at 770-978-5154.